Elden Ring Crashing: Fix Errors Quickly

elden ring crashing

Elden Ring is a great game, but it is also problematic on a technical level. Players sometimes encounter various bugs and crashes when launching this game. There were so many of them that the developers have still been fixing this game. But the problem preventing the video card from working was finally resolved.

In any case, the developers have much work to do, especially with bugs. While busy with their work, we will tell you the solutions to the most relevant problems with the Elden Ring game.

What to do if the “Error code: 23, 29” appears?

When Elden Ring shows the “Error code: 23” or the “Error code: 29” notification, it is caused by the popular Easy Anti-Cheat system. But the causes of these errors may differ, such as the launch failure or damaged files.

However, damaged files are the most common cause of this problem because when you restore Microsoft Visual C++ or Easy Anti-Cheat, the game starts working correctly and stops showing these two errors. If you see one of these errors, do the following:

Restore Microsoft Visual C++

  1. Rebooting the system of your device is the first and best thing to do. The system memory will be partially cleaned after rebooting, so perhaps Elden Ring will launch usually.
  2. Go to the “Add or remove programs” section. Do not rush to remove the library.
  3. It is necessary to open the “Applications and features” section. Find Microsoft Visual C++, click on the program, select “Change,” and then click on the “Fix” option on the left.
  4. Wait until the process of restoring files completes. Restart the system again and check if the Elden Ring is functioning.

Restore Easy Anti-Cheat

  1. First, restore the game files in Steam (open the client — select “Library” — click on it — select “Properties,” — open the “Local files” tab — choose the option for checking the integrity of the game files).
  2. Now close Elden Ring entirely (it is best to use the Task Manager), open the folder where the EAC is stored, find the easyanticheat.exe launch program, select the game, and click on the “Repair” option. When the repair process finishes, reboot the system.

You can also install all necessary updates related to Windows and check the version of the game and the available updates for the video card driver. If all these methods don’t help, you should reinstall the game.

What to do if the “Error code: 25” appears?

This is another error related to the operations and functions of Easy Anti-Cheat. Before using this solution, ensure your antivirus protection is functioning normally. If it is, but you still see the error notification, then do the following:

  1. First, reboot the system of your device. Then reload Easy Anti-Cheat using administrator permissions. Open the folder where the EAC is stored (you can get there through the C:\Program Files (x86) drive). Rerun the easyanticheat.exe launch program as an administrator.
  2. The next important step is to restore the game files. To do this, select Steam, open “Library,” click on “Properties,” open “Local files,” and check the integrity of the game files.

In addition, be sure to place the easyanticheat.exe executable file in the list of the exceptions of the Windows Firewall or the antivirus. They can conflict with each other.

What to do if the “EasyAntiCheat Error” appears?

This problem is directly related to EAC, according to many users’ reviews. The actions are almost the same as in the previous methods, so let’s take a closer look at the new steps:

  1. Using Steam, check for the latest updates for the OS, drivers, and game. Restore the files and then reboot the system.
  2. Restart Easy Anti-Cheat with the Task Manager (you can open it using the Ctrl + Shift + Esc key combination).
  3. In the window that appears, open the “Services” tab, click on the line with Easy Anti-Cheat, and select “Open services.” Click on Easy Anti-Cheat again and launch it.

What to do if the error 30004 or 30005 appears?

This is the last problem related to Easy Anti-Cheat. Sometimes restarting the Elden Ring is enough to make it work. In other cases, restarting the system or restoring the game files helps. But there are also situations when these actions have no effect at all. According to the reviews of the gamers, the following solutions may help you solve the problem:

  1. First, check the settings of time, date, and time zone. To do this, click on the clock item in the Windows tray and select “Date & Time” settings.
  2. Open the Command Line as an administrator. To do this, type cmd in the search box, select ‘Command prompt”, and then click “Run as an administrator.”
  3. If there is an account control, then click “Yes.” Type the following commands and click “Enter” at the end of each one (after that, reboot the system):
  4. sfc /scannow
  5. bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF
  6. bcdedit.exe -set NOINTEGRITYCHECKS OFF

You can also try to fix the Microsoft Visual C ++ program, restart EAC, and check the settings of the antivirus software and the Windows Firewall. To do this, use the instructions for each method of launching the Elden Ring listed above.

What to do if there is an “Inappropriate Activity Detected” notification?

The “Inappropriate Activity Detected” error message occurs due to using mods. The anti-cheat system shows this notification if you use forbidden add-ons, such as cheats.

In rare cases, this error may not be related to mods. If this happens, use the following methods of solving the problem:

  1. Start the process of restoring the anti-cheat program. To do this, select the Elden Ring in Steam, open “Properties,” and go to the “Local files.”
  2. Find the folder with EAC and run the EasyAntiCheat_Setup executable file. Select the game in the window that appears and click on the “Repair” function.
  3. You may not repair Easy Anti-Cheat, but just uninstall and reinstall it again.
  4. You can also try to restore the game files. To do this, open Steam, go to “Local files,” and run checking the integrity of the game files.
  5. The Epic Launcher client is the only exception. In this case, it is better to reinstall than restoring something.

Elden Ring crashes at random moments or at a startup

The simple ways to solve this problem are listed below, but remember that the Elden Ring crashing may be caused by the game’s and operating system’s errors. Some crashes are individual, so if none of the solutions to the problem help, try to use other methods.

  1. First, restart the Elden Ring with administrator permissions.
  2. Check if the Elden Ring conflicts with other applications on your computer. For example, the error may be related to the MSI AfterBurner utility, so if you use it or another similar utility, disable it and try to restart the game.
  3. The game may refuse to work correctly because of the Windows Defender or the antivirus program. Go to the properties and add the Elden Ring .exe file to exceptions or disable the antivirus and Windows Defender immediately (they may also delete some necessary game file that needs to be restored).

The 0xc000007b error in Elden Ring

The 0xc000007b error or the “This application was unable to start correctly” error is related to the damaged system files of the operating system or the video card drivers from Nvidia.

The usual ways of solving the problem are the following:

  1. The most obvious and easiest way to fix this error is to reinstall drivers for your video card and then run the game as an administrator.
  2. Then, update or reinstall .Net Framework, DirectX, and Visual C++.
  3. You can also try using the command line (Start — Run) and typing the “sfc /scannow” command. The system will scan everything and try to replace the damaged files if there are cached copies.
  4. Finally, it would be best if you tried to remove the software conflicting with the video driver. Such software usually includes programs that improve graphics.

The 0xc0000142 / 0xe06d7363 / 0xc0000906 error

These errors are the most common and difficult problems with Elden Ring. It is not always clear why they occur. This can happen in two cases: when launching some program or game or after you log in.

In the first case, it is most often related to the recently installed application because none of these errors appear for no reason. Anyway, there are several methods of fixing these errors. We recommend you read about them thoroughly.

Disable your antivirus program

The antivirus program may cause the error. To fix it, it is better not just to disable the program but to temporarily remove it and try to relaunch the app. If this doesn’t help, then do the following:

  1. Uninstall the application completely. Make sure there are no folders or residual files after uninstalling.
  2. Disable or uninstall the antivirus program in the system of your device.
  3. Install the application again.

Disable Windows Defender

In addition to the antivirus program, you should also try to disable Windows Defender, as it can cause earlier errors. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Windows Defender Security Center,” select settings, and click on “Virus & Threat Protection.”
  2. Click on “Manage settings” and scroll down to the “Virus & Threats protection settings” in the window that appears.
  3. Disable the “Real-time” protection and the “Cloud protection.” The system will enable the Defender again, but you will have time to check if there is an error in the game.
  4. If Windows Defender causes the problem, add the .exe file of the game to the list of exceptions for this program.

Check the integrity of the game files

The error may be caused by the corrupted integrity of the game files. Windows 10 has two tools to check it: DISM.exe with the Repair-WindowsImage command for PowerShell and SFC.exe. You’d better use the latter as it is more valuable and user-friendly. To check the integrity of the game files, do the following:

  1. Open the Command Prompt as an administrator (to do this, just type “Command prompt” in the search box).
  2. When the corresponding window opens, type the sfc /scannow command. Press Enter, and all found errors will be automatically fixed.

Change the registry value

The registry in Windows 10 is an extensive database. It determines the properties and behavior of the system. So editing in the Windows registry sometimes helps to get rid of errors. 

Use the instructions below to configure the Windows registry settings. Before you change something, make sure you have the right option. You can do this as follows:

  1. Type “regedit” in the “Run” window using the Win + R key combination and press OK. After that, find the section below in the “Registry Editor” window:
  2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows
  3. If it is present, see the LoadAppinit_DLLs parameter. Change the value of the option from 1 to 0. Apply the settings and reboot the system of your device.

Run a system restore

It is helpful if the game is working correctly, but an error suddenly appears at a particular moment, although there were no mods, patches, or other forbidden add-ons. In this case, it is better to run a system restore.

A black screen appears in Elden Ring

The black screen is often caused by conflicts between video drivers and software and, less frequently, by conflicts with some Elden Ring files. However, there are a few other reasons for the “black screen of death.”

To fix this problem, update your video driver first. There may be important updates for the game to help run it properly:

  • If drivers are installed and updated, but Elden Ring still refuses to work correctly, then check the software and the presence of the necessary libraries. First of all, check if you have Microsoft Visual C++, .Net Framework, and DirectX;
  • If none of the above solutions helped, then it is time to solve the problem radically. Launch Elden Ring and press the Alt+Enter key combination when the black screen appears to switch the game to the windowed mode. This way, you can open the main menu of the game and see if the problem is related to the game or not. If you could switch to the windowed mode, go to the Elden Ring game settings and change the resolution. Sometimes the mismatch between the resolution of the game and the desktop leads to a conflict that causes a black screen error.;
  • The error can also be caused by various programs for video capturing and other applications related to video effects. It results in conflicts between them and the game;
  • The problem may most likely be associated with the technical component of the hardware. If the video adapter overheats, then the power consumption of the video card reduces. In this case, you’d better clean your device from dust and change the thermal paste.